[Tagging] Coastline for rivers, estuaries and mangroves?

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Mon Sep 10 09:25:04 UTC 2018

2018-09-10 10:41 GMT+02:00 Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl>:

> The baseline is defined by the state, in accordance with the UNCLOS rules,
> and published to the world by deposition with the UN. The basis for the
> baseline is: "the normal baseline for measuring the breadth of the
> territorial sea is the low-water line along the coast as marked on
> large-scale charts officially recognized by the coastal State."
> http://www.un.org/depts/los/convention_agreements/texts/unclos/part2.htm

is there also a definition for an "unnormal" or exceptional baseline? E.g.
here: http://www.nonnodondolo.it/userfiles/image/37(1).gif
you can see that e.g. the whole gulf of taranto is included by the baseline
>From what I have seen, although there is the UN definition about the low
water line, actual baselines tend to be much more "generous". The baselie
is what the country self declares and other countries accept/recognize.

Also the 12nmi extension (territorial waters) is not always the same, some
countries pretend(ed) 200 nautical miles.

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