[Tagging] What is a terrace after all?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Wed Sep 12 04:37:22 UTC 2018

On 12/09/18 12:26, André Pirard wrote:
> I disagree with suggesting a whole menagerie of tags for houses, so 
> that someone making a search for them has to consult a whole 
> inexisting catalog of keywords to use.
> I suggest a single building=house plus a series of attributes like 
> house:terraced=yes if you like it, dot disappearing if the house stops 
> being mapped as a row, house:detached=yes for those who didn't notice 
> and to avoid calling 90% of the houses like that, house:row=yes etc to 
> your imagination and liking.

It is your right to disagree.

However it is also not what OSM is doing.
OSM says something about the architectural style being the significant 
thing for a building.
The tag building=terrace tells me exactly what I would find there.
Trying to change the tagging practices of OSM is difficult.
I don't think you'll do it with this because of the OSM thinking is that 
the tag building should reflect the architectural style rather than the 
Good Luck.

Your changing the tag building=terrace to landuse=terrace could be taken 
as vandalism.
I suggest you change it back to building=terrace.

Keeping the past nodes and ways but changing them .. helps keep the past 
history of where things came from.

In your case you may have a way with 4 nodes. And you want to divide it 
up into seperate things. OK?

I put 2 new nodes on the way.
Then I break the way at these new nodes.
Then I close the resultant 2 ways (one old but modified and one new) by 
extending both ways to close them.

This results in
the old way getting 2 new nodes and loosing 2 old nodes, and
a new way with 2 old nodes and 2 new nodes.

Thus all the old things are still there ... but now thee are added 
things to make more detail.

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