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Sat Sep 15 14:49:41 UTC 2018

The size or type of language is not important, if it can be expressed in
the database with a recognizable reference code

If the language of Schiermonnikoog is used to name the hills, streams,
streets and shops on the island, then it could be the default language for
that place. This decision should be made by the local community. If they
have already made a decision, demonstrated by putting up signs in the local
language, or getting offiicial government recognition, that could also be
verifiable. But if the people on Schiermonnikoog no longer use the local
language name shops, streets etc, then it would not be the default language
for names.

>From what I can tell, Skierm√Ľntseagersk is considered a dialect of (West)
Frisian, which has an ISO code, but of course the folks there could make up
a new code and start using it for their particular dialect. I'd think it
would be more helpful to stick with the langauge code for Frisian, but
that's up to the local mappers to decide.

Re: whistling; I met the guy who first described a whistling mode of a
languague used for communication across fields, in southern Mexico. It
isn't really a complete language, but sort of a code that represents the
tones used in words, with a limited vocabulary. Anyway, that and sign
languages would be the two types of language that cannot be represented in
the OSM database or Unicode, as far as I know, so they could not be
assigned as the default language for a place; probably not an issue. :-)

On Sat, Sep 15, 2018 at 11:31 PM St Niklaas <St.Niklaas at live.nl> wrote:

> HI folks,
> What about a local language that is used on a small island
> (Schiermonnikoog) by a minor number (15) people ?
> Or a group of whistling guys living in the eastern European borders, that
> has no words just sounds to communicate over long distances ?
> Greetz
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