[Tagging] Mapping language borders, tagging offical languages?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 15:33:23 UTC 2018

* the choice of suggesting tagging the language information on either
> the administrative boundary relations or the individual features but
> not on any other feature with a meaning beyond the feature itself was
> not arbitrary.

Are you objecting to the idea of tagging places as well as boundaries?
What about the protected area / aboriginal lands boundaries?

I was trying to avoid tagging individual POIs and features with
language:default=xxx, to reduce the workload on mappers.

Is it not yet feasible to associate nodes with the nearest place?

> * the choice of syntax for the language string is something that can be
> discussed obviously.  You can essentially use any characters that are
> unlikely to occur in an actual format as structuring elements.  The
> dollar sign is a common symbol prefix here.

OK, but is this necessary for it to work? Is a 3-letter ISO code
Would it be possible to put the language code in the key
(language:<code>=default) or is it better to stick to the value?

> * the core of my proposal is not using the plain "name" tag any more for
> anything other than legacy fallback if other data is missing.  Any
> proposal to separately tag the language of the name tag ... is a very
> different idea.

Functionally both ideas work the same, right? In particular, tagging
specific POIs with language_format=<code> or language_default=<code> is
tagging the language of the default name, unless the two tags were added by
different mappers with opposing ideas.

I didn't want to bring up anything about deprecating the defaul name=* tags
or stopping rendering them.
That can be discussed sometime in the future if this proposal catches on.

1) Do we really need that $ symbol?
2) Language code in value vs key?
3) Tagging settled places?
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