[Tagging] Mapping language borders, tagging offical languages?

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> I am not really familiar with the legal status of aboriginal lands in
> various parts of the world and how use of the names differs betweeen
> the inside and the outside.  I have a hard time imagining an aboriginal
> land with a distinct and homogeneous language use that is not also an
> administrative unit.
> If we could discuss this on a practical (and hopefully somewhat
> representative) example that would probably help.


Here's one example for you of an Australian Aboriginal community, that I
mentioned in an earlier post

Peppimenarti, Northern Territory

is part of Victoria Daly Regional Council

The various references say "The main language spoken in Peppimenarti is
Tyemirri [or Ngan'gityemerri - ISO "nam", to give it it's full name!] with
English being the second most predominant in the area", but also "Although
there are ten different languages and cultural groups, the dominant
languages are Malak Malak and Kriol while English is widely used across the
whole of community."

This would appear to be a fairly representative example of this sort of
community? As my two sources said - the local people speak their own
language amongst themselves, but do also speak English.

So I guess we could draw an admin level 9 or 10 border around Peppi & tag
it with language=eng / nam?

Don't know what you would do Vic Daly though = eng / "language codes 1 -

& BTW, there's also now an ISO 639-3 table of (3-letter) language codes!

Hope this all helps?


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