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Tue Sep 18 20:07:50 UTC 2018

uto, 18. ruj 2018. u 20:13 Yuri Astrakhan <yuriastrakhan at gmail.com> napisao

> I am not sure I understood about the key+value property.  Are you asking
> for a new string property to store "key=value" of the current tag?  But
> that's already being stored as a sitelink (shown in the upper right corner).

That answers my question.

Each tag combination could have a wikidata link that describes what that
combination really "is". So if we make an item for combination
leisure=pitch+sport=soccer, we can put a property wikidata=Q8524[1]. That
means that someone can make a script that finds all wikidata items Q8524 on
the map. Our tags finally get a real semantic definition. That is really

P.S. There mustn't be more than one OSM item with the same Wikidata item.
So a minimal combination of OSM tags should have the wikidata tag. For
example, in my opinion leisure=pitch+sport=soccer+surface=grass shouldn't
get the Q8524 because a pitch can have artificial grass, and it would still
be considered a football field.

[1] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q8524

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