[Tagging] Area of Firestations / Area of Ambulancestations

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Sat Sep 22 16:33:08 UTC 2018

On 22 September 2018 16:53:23 BST, Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>On 2018-09-22 17:24, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
>> The thing about a (non-) emergency police station could be that some
>police stations close (at night, at noon, on weekends), so you would
>not rely on them for emergencies.
>In an emergency you don't go to the {police,ambulance,fire} station,
>dial 112 / 999 / 911. What is the use of having the "emergency" tag? 
>Opening_hours should cover this, i.e. when can the public just turn up
>and speak to someone. But that is not going to be an emergency. 
>There are also "remote police stations" with a video link to a main

Fire Stations have what is known as a 'Running Call' phone outside which connects you to the control room. I assume the police and ambulance stations do too. 

Although in these days of mobile phones I doubt they have much use. Where I am at the moment (pub) is about 100m from the fire station, but I would use my mobile if I needed the fire brigade. 

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