[Tagging] Draft Proposal: Default Langauge Format

Yves yvecai at mailbox.org
Wed Sep 26 18:42:28 UTC 2018

Duplicating all 'name' tags to 'name:xx'  in our worldwide database is not so shocking, but I still prefer that we map what language is used where than the language the 'name' tag is in. It sounds less oriented.

Le 26 septembre 2018 19:54:41 GMT+02:00, Frederik Ramm <frederik at remote.org> a écrit :
>On 09/26/2018 05:53 PM, Christoph Hormann wrote:
>> Names in a non-discernible language have so far not been discussed. 
>> would need to see some examples for this to form an opinion on the 
>> matter.  
>I am thinking of retail outlets like
>>> Yes. The unified system goes as follows:
>>> "If the default language of the smallest admin boundary enclosing
>>> your feature is xx, treat any name tag you encounter as if it was a
>>> name:xx tag."
>> That would change the meaning of the name tag which is currently "the
>> locally used name or names in some combination" into something 
>> different. 
>I disagree. My assumption is currently that a name tag in Germany will
>be the German name, and I think for all countries or regions with one
>prevalent language this will be everyone's assumption (that if the
>region has a default language, the name will be the name in the default
>But I am willing to extend my definition:
>"If the default language of the smallest admin boundary enclosing
>your feature is xx, treat any name tag you encounter as if it was a
>name:xx tag, unless an explicit name:xx tag exists."
>That should pretty much catch everything and give everyone the
>flexibility to map all special cases, while not requiring to re-tag
>every single named object all over the planet.
>(You will only have to re-tag those objects where the name is in a
>language different from the prevalent language in the region, and where
>you perceive this to be an issue - as you said yourself, the damage
>by assuming that the "O sole mio" assigned to a pizzeria in Germany is
>German rather than an Italian name, is negligible.)
>> I see your point but as said this would defeat the whole purpose of
>> idea
>If that is the case, and no workaround can be found because every
>workaround would defeat the purpose of the idea, then I would likely
>oppose the idea.
>I think that generally a more precise recording of languages is
>desirable but if this leads to having to duplicate existing name tags
>into name:xx for every single named place on earth just in order to
>defeat the purpose", then I'd like to pass on this idea and wait until
>less intrusive one comes along.
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