[Tagging] Tagging a named river bend

Dave Swarthout daveswarthout at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 09:58:39 UTC 2018

I'm working on adding islands and other features in the Tanana River in
Alaska. There are many named sloughs (side channels), islands and in some
areas curves or bends that have a name. In my example there is a large bend
in the river that has its own name, Harper Bend. I'm looking for a way to
tag that section so that the name is findable. It would be nice but not
imperative if that name would display on the OSM slippy map and
incidentally, on my GPSr.

If I break the river at both ends of the curve, I could add the name to the
section between the breaks but that doesn't seem right because the river's
name isn't changing. Another much more complicated solution would be to
break the riverbank into sections and add a name to the one that
encompasses the bend.

I don't know why I didn't ask here first but I raised this question on the
OSM Help forum and one answer was to use a node. But if one goes that way,
I reckon a new tag would be needed. So let's begin our discussion with
that. Given that it's important to me to describe our mapped objects as
completely as possible, I want a method to tag such a bend.

Suggestions? Opinions?
Dave Swarthout
Homer, Alaska
Chiang Mai, Thailand
Travel Blog at http://dswarthout.blogspot.com
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