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Thu Sep 27 14:17:02 UTC 2018

> It does not communicate the quality of "riverness" at all. This bend may
or may not lend its name to a locality but it is primarily a feature of the
river, not
the name of a settled place.

Generally, the term 'Reach' is most appropriate for subsections of flowing
(From https://www.usgs.gov/faqs/what-a-reach )
What is a reach?

“Reach” can have *slightly different meanings*, depending on how it is used.

A reach is a section of a stream or river along which similar hydrologic
conditions exist, such as discharge, depth, area, and slope. It can also be
the length of a stream or river (with varying conditions) between two
stream gauges, or a length of river for which the characteristics are well
described by readings at a single stream gauge.

More generally, *a reach is just any length of a stream or river.* The term
is often used by hydrologists when they’re referring to a small section of
a river rather than its entire length from end to end.
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