[Tagging] Tagging a named river bend

Ture Pålsson ture at turepalsson.se
Thu Sep 27 16:36:58 UTC 2018

> 27 sep. 2018 kl. 13:03 skrev Yves <yvecai at mailbox.org>:
> Place=locality makes sense, I guess the name is also used for the area close to the bend by extension.
> Locality on a node is always troublesome, and I wonder if anybody uses description=* to describe further the place, here this would be something like description=river bend. 

A simple place=locality gives no hint to a renderer that this is a water feature, and I can easily imagine a map style where one wants to do something special with those, like using blue text.

Look at this example from northern Sweden, where features in the river (Bredselet, Trångforsen and Vidselet) have lent their names, but in different grammatical form, the the nearby villages/hamlets of Bredsel, Trångfors and Vidsel.

(Follow there river and you'll see several other named rapids (-fors) and stretches of smooth water between them (-sel).

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