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Wed Apr 3 23:09:09 UTC 2019

> Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2019 22:34:55 +0100
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> On Wed, 3 Apr 2019 at 22:06, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> haven’t we written somewhere in our terms that the information isn’t
>> reliable? I’m quite sure we have. Some people have to be told that coffee
>> is hot, kittens must not be dried in the microwave and map data may contain
>> errors.
> Sadly, yes, some people do have to be told these things.  Or, to state it
> more precisely, many
> companies find it necessary to place warnings of such things on their
> products to avoid being
> sued in court.  AGAIN.  That's why we have so many warning labels in our
> daily lives, telling
> us not to do things that the vast majority of us would never think of doing.
> We may state that the information isn't reliable, but I don't see that as
> an excuse to map things
> incorrectly.  It's an admission that we make mistakes, not a licence to
> deliberately mis-map.
> One person in this thread claimed, incorrectly, that there are no access
> restrictions to religious
> structures and that it is not possible to determine if somebody meets the
> restrictions he said
> don't exist.  Such restrictions do exist and the penalties for contravening
> them can be harsh.
> Very harsh.
> I see no reason to disallow something like access=adherents and every
> reason to adopt
> it.  Even if you think it completely unnecessary, it's not doing any harm
> if it represents the
> actual situation on the ground better than having access=yes,
> access=private or no
> access tag at all.  It doesn't conflict with any other tagging, and doesn't
> break the
> semantics of the access=* tag.


I agree with access=adherents if used as a default, in the event you 
don't know any different.  Access=yes would apply I think to most 
churches in the United States, as anyone is welcome to enter.  I know 
that's the case for my church.


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