[Tagging] Tagging shared campuses: landuse=school?

Jeroen Hoek mail at jeroenhoek.nl
Sat Apr 6 07:38:08 UTC 2019

On 05-04-19 23:10, Markus wrote:
> There is a minor thing, but i think that the landuse=* value should
> rather be educational (adjective) instead of education (noun). This
> makes more sense and fits better to other landuse=* values like
> residential, industrial or commercial.

I strongly agree. However, landuse=education is already in use (~500
times), whereas landuse=educational use borders on non-existent.

If landuse=education is used for the proposed purpose, than it might be
easier to simply adopt it. I'll look more closely at the actual use of
this tag to see if this is the case.

> In my opinion, landuse=school is too specific.

I am inclined to agree there too. One solution is to consider
landuse=school a specific sub-class of landuse=education(al). This my
proposed solution for now. Anyone not interested in the difference
between the two can just treat them the same.

But if it turns out that the number of landuse=school instances that
aren't linked one-to-one to amenity=school is on the low side, it might
be better to suggest deprecating it completely in favour of
landuse=education(al). That is, the gist of the original French proposal
is right, but going for the broader landuse=education(al) is a better
fit for the issues it solves.

I'll do some research on the actual usage to find out which way forward
is sensible.

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