[Tagging] Residential=rural, =urban?

Ture Pålsson ture at turepalsson.se
Thu Apr 11 05:45:34 UTC 2019

2019-04-10 10:28 a écrit Joseph Eisenberg:
> [...]
> Does anyone feel like doing some research into how these tags is
> actually used, so that the wiki page can match? Or has anyone used
> this tag themselves?

I took a quick look in Sweden. There are only a few hundred of them 
(369, to be exact, in my database), nearly(?) all by the same mapper. 
The residential=rural ones seem to be single houses or small groups of 
houses in the countryside. The residential=urban ones are mostly groups 
of detached houses within a village or town (like this one: 
https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/209513955). If that is "urban", I'm 
not sure how to tag high-rise areas or inner-city blocks!

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