[Tagging] what is the meaning of bicycle=yes on highway=path

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Thu Apr 11 16:13:46 UTC 2019

Volker Schmidt wrote:
> "highway=path" implies "bicycle=yes" (in most jurisdictions) - see the
> proposed Default-Access-Restriction for all countries

That's not a default that I feel enormously comfortable with. Whatever the
wiki might say, "bare" highway=path (no other tags) is often used for little
footpaths across city parks, sidewalks, and so on.

cycle.travel errs on the side of caution and therefore doesn't route along
highway=path unless there's an explicit access tag (or cycle route

Keeping bicycle=yes on bikes-allowed paths is useful information. If there's
no bicycle= tag, yes, it could mean "bike access is implied by a default
somewhere on the wiki" but it could also mean "this way is tagged
incompletely". Deleting the tags would remove information and make it harder
for routers to deliver real-world routing results. Please keep them.


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