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On Fri, 12 Apr 2019 at 23:41, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>

> Yes, we see this with some of the camping grounds we regularly go to. Some
> have offices / kiosks, where you check in on arrival; some have no check in
> requirements at all - you just arrive, pick a (unmarked) spot & set up;
> while others have to be booked online before you go.
> These could probably all be covered by check_in=yes / no / online_only,
> possibly together with a bookings=(url)?

I expressed myself badly.  iD can come up with some multi-choice mechanism
for check_in, just
as it does with car servicing types.  Not a problem.  The problem is when
airport checkins can
be any (or all) of A, B, C and D but camping ground checkins can be any (or
all) of D, E and F.

The easy fix is to offer A, B, C, D, E and F for check_in=*,  But that
means people could (and
inevitably will) choose E and F for airport checkins where they don't apply
and chose A, B and
C for camping ground checkins where those don't apply.  Because the list
they're offered has
all of the options (and therefore, they think, all are applicable).  Nobody
wants that.  But extra
code (harder to maintain) is involved in only offering the right values for
check_in=* depending
on the main key (or, far harder still, on the main key of the enclosing

Hence namespacing.  Then the list of offered values for camp_site:check_in
(or whatever it
gets called) is D, E and F; the list of offered values for airport:check_in
(or whatever) is
A, B, C and D.  If you really insist, you can type anything you want into
the value, but you'll
be offered the appropriate preferred values, and are less likely to get it

Only if you can guarantee that the same set of values for check_in=* will
be appropriate for
all circumstances (and for all time) where it will be used can you avoid
having to namespace.
With check_in=* you can probably do that.  With some of the others you
probably can't.

At least that's what I understood the reasoning to be the last time the
lead programmer of iD
had things to say about covered=* and phone booths.

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