[Tagging] Stop the large feature madness

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 18 20:21:58 UTC 2019

Le 18.04.19 à 20:29, Christoph Hormann a écrit :
> you verify the information on the ground and if there is still 
> disagreement it is by definition something that is not verifiable
> (because several mappers evaluating the situation independently 
> do not consistently come to the same results). 

with your argument, if I disagree with the boundaries of a country,
it will be necessary to remove all the nodes of the boundary except 
historical landmarks, border crossings and where there would be a sign
because everything else is not "on ground verifiable" ?
welcome to OpenPurgedMap :-)

with a municipality I am working on, in one year I only found 2 
historical landmarks, whereas there are 404 nodes in osm. I hope
that nobody will contest the verifiable of the border, otherwise
a municipality boundary with 2 nodes will be ridiculous.
imho this demonstrate by the absurdity that the argument "in case
of disagreement, only on-ground verifiable information is kept"
does not work. it's so extreme that it's inapplicable.
please come back to reality or fork a OpenGroundOnlyMap

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