[Tagging] Tag for a plateau or tableland?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 23:13:42 UTC 2019

> there are many cases in OSM where different things are all tagged the
same ...
> brook, creek, stream, rivulet -> stream

These are mapped with one tag because there is not an objective distinction
between these names for waterways. There is waterway=stream vs
waterway=river for wide natural waterways vs narrow (“too big to jump
across” vs “jumpable”)

> bay, cove -> bay
Coves are small bays, but I do t think there is a clear way to distinguish

> peak, knob, hill, mound, mountain, pinnacle, tops -> peak
Several of these may refer to a ridge or massif rather than to an OSM peak,
which is a local high point. We do have natural=ridge for some of these,
which is a linear feature rather than a point.

Another example is cape vs peninsula. The tag natural=cape is used for
headlands, points, capes, etc and is a node at the extreme point of land.
Peninsula is used to describe an area of land that is mostly surrounded by
water. Some capes, like Cape Cod and they Cape of Good Hope, are both a
named peninsula and a cape with the same name, but can be mapped as 2
feature in OSM.

This is also similar to a place=hamlet mapped as a point, which may be in a
landuse=residential area, and might also be surrounded by an administrative
boundary with the same name (though in this case it would not be normal to
tag the landuse=residential with the same name)
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