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Now you start having some main feedbacks (see plateau/mesa/...), may I suggest you write a global proposal for missing geological features? In fact it is what you are doing in the mailing list but without formalism. But too many emails with too many threads to be able to follow and understand what is the proposal and what are other people thinkings for a low band-width user like me. I think we would win in efficiency with a good proposal and associated tags and pictures in order to go ahead and clarify/vote/reject what you have in mind.

That is my input on this topic for the moment, thank you in advance if you proceed this way :)



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Objet: [Tagging] Other missing landform tags

Along with plateau the following look to be missing from the OSMwiki,
these may not be all..

Pass A depression or gap in a range of mountains or hills permitting
easier passage from one side to the other.

Point A raised mass of land that projects over a lower area (water or land).

Head/headland A comparatively high promontory of land projecting into
the sea with a steep face. An un-named head is usually described as a
‘Headland’ when a specific name is assigned, it becomes a ‘Head’.

Should these too be added to the wiki. There are navigational features
at least for some of us.

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