[Tagging] Other missing landform tags

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 14:19:19 UTC 2019

> Pass A depression or gap in a range of mountains or hills permitting
> easier passage from one side to the other.

mountain_pass=yes on a node of the highway or path:

> Point A raised mass of land that projects over a lower area (water or land).

I believe we discussed this a few months ago?

It could make sense to have a tag like natural=promontory, but this
are somewhat ill-defined. Basically, they are point on a ridge where
the ridge line goes from relatively flat to steeply downhill, but it
is not a local high point so can't be labeled as a natural=peak. From
below it looks a bit like a peak from the right angle; many of these
points or promontories are named. I suspect some are mistagged as

We would need to write up a proposal page that made it clear when to
use natural=peak (and natural=cape) instead of this tag, and what sort
of features would qualify.

I'd be in favor of using a tag like natural=promontory if the
alternative is place=locality.

> Head/headland A comparatively high promontory of land projecting into
> the sea with a steep face. An un-named head is usually described as a
> ‘Headland’ when a specific name is assigned, it becomes a ‘Head’.

Use natural=cape for the extreme point of land into the sea along the
coastline, natural=cliff for a cliff, possibly natural=peak as well if
there is a local high point that is named.

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