[Tagging] Why should we avoid overusage of amenity=* tag?

石野貴之 yumean1119 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 20 18:50:36 UTC 2019

Hello. I am yumean1119 from Japan and mapping mainly around Okayama.

Recently, I have surfed some proposal pages about new tagging schems for
educational facilities.



They seem to be bad ideas since the proposed education=* tags are redundant
over the existing amenity=school/kindergarten/university... tags.

So I thought it would be good to use these education=* tags together with a
new tag for education outside school only, for example,

However, the proposal pages say:
>  There has been arguements not to make a amenity
for everything that exists on the planet.

I don't know the reason why we should not use amenity=* too much. If you
have time, please let me know.

Takayuki Ishino
yumean1119 at gmail.com
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