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What I have, mainly from taginfo but a couple from myself, with some rough definitions.
I do not advocate all of them, just that most of them exist and there should be some thought given to there tagging.

They are:

Arch = A hole though some feature, usually rock. Covered overhead and to both sides, open at both ends.

archipelago = an island group or island chain

basin = The tract of country drained by a river and its tributaries, or which drains into a particular lake or area. Note need to be careful not to confuse this with man_made=basin or sea basins.

canyon A gorge, relatively narrow but of considerable size, bounded by steep slopes. It has often been formed by a river cutting through the soft rocks of an arid region; the scantiness of the rainfall prevents denudation of the canyon walls, and so maintains their steepness. The walls of a large canyon, however, rarely approach the vertical, and their irregularity of slope is due to inequalities in the hardness of the rock.(possibly tag as gorge with gorge=canyon?)

Cap = ???

Col or gap (use saddle? And that is in OSM) = a col is the lowest point on a mountain ridge between two peaks.

couloir (French: [ku.lwaʁ], "passage" or "corridor"), is a narrow gully with a steep gradient in a mountainous terrain. Tag as a gully??

Depression = A sunken place.

Gully = natural watercourse, especially a hillside,  It only carries water after rain and its sides are generally steep. Usually one of the smallest branches of a drainage system, and often associated with erosive action.

fjard = (Swedish: fjärd, IPA: [ˈfjæːɖ]) is an inlet formed by the marine submergence of formerly glaciated valleys and depressions within a rocky glaciated terrain of low relief. Fjards are characterized by a profile that is shorter, shallower, and broader than the profile of a fjord.

Fjord ? Not in the data base??? Yet fjard is.

fumarole =is an opening in a planet's crust which emits steam and gases

massif = a section of a planet's crust that is demarcated by faults or flexures. In the movement of the crust, a massif tends to retain its internal structure while being displaced as a whole. The term also refers to a group of mountains formed by such a structure.

Mountain = A large natural elevation of the earth’s surface. Note peaks are different from mountains, see below!

mountain_ridge = Use ridge? in OSM already

Oasis =the combination of a human settlement and a cultivated area (often a date palm grove) in a  or semi-desert environment

Plain = tract of country the general surface of which is comparatively flat or slightly undulating. In extent generally not less than 2,500 hectares and sparsely, if at all timbered.

floodplain Use the above plain with plain=floodplain???

range A series or line of mountain or hill ridges with or without peaks, in which the crests are relatively narrow. Its minimum length is about 16 kilometres

ravine = A deep narrow steep sided valley.
thalweg  a line connecting the lowest points of successive cross-sections along the course of a valley or river.


Water related

Dry lake, often called a playa in the south western United States. Tag as a lake, intermittent=yes/ephereral=yes???

Fen = one of the main types of wetland, fens are a kind of mire. Tag as a wetland?

Sink (geography), also known as an alkali flat or sabkha, a desert basin with no outlet which periodically fills with water to form a temporary lake. Possibly tag as lake, intermittent=yes, ephemeral=yes.

tarn = A tarn (or corrie loch) is a mountain lake, pond or pool, formed in a cirque excavated by a glacier. Use OSM lake ???

Peaks are not necessarily mountains or hills!!!
The highest mountain in Australia, Mt Koscciszko is a bump in a bumpy landscape .. it is not a 'peak'. Yes it is a mountain.

So what is a 'peak'? A prominent point that is elevated from its mediate surrounds such that is visible for a good distance from most surrounds. I would call 'chambers Pillar' a peak https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chambers_Pillar
The problem is rendering ... the present symbol in use is that of mountain.
The symbol for a simple peak should show a flat surround with a column rising up to a point and falling back to the flat surround.
A mountain or hill with a peak could be tagged with peak=yes and the symbol modified to include a shape column.

Note OSMwiki page for natural https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:natural is not presently in alphabetic order so it is harder to find things.

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