[Tagging] Why should we avoid overusage of amenity=* tag?

Jan S grimpeur78 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 20:37:35 UTC 2019

Am Mo., 22. Apr. 2019 um 01:48 Uhr schrieb Paul Allen <pla16021 at gmail.com>:

> It certainly makes overpass turbo queries a lot simpler and more intuitive
> if we can group all
> education facilities under education rather than under amenity.  Typing
> "education=*" is shorter
> than "amenity=school or amenity=university".  And won't trip you up if you
> forget that you also
> needed to query for amenity=college, etc.  We did it for healthcare, we
> can do it for education.
> In the short-term it means even more complex queries to find educational
> establishments because
> both sets of tags will be in use.  However, if we have a 1:1
> correspondence (amenity=school ->
> education=school) then a bulk edit is technically possible and maybe even
> politically possible.
> Otherwise let's get rid of amenity=* by tagging EVERYTHING as thing=*.
> It's the logical next step
> after using amenity any time we can't think of a better tag.
> I am in favour of using specific tags to group sets of things that belong
together, instead of using general tags like "amenity". But it's difficult
to teach an old dog new tricks. "Amenity" has been adopted so widely that
whenever a specific set of tags would be introduced, the question arises of
how to treat those things that have already been tagged as "amenity=*".
E.g. in the case of educational institutions, it would either be necessary
to maintain amenity=school or amenity=university, or double-tag these
institutions for the sake of backward compatibility as amenity=school and
education=school, or to automatic retagging of all amenity=school as
education=school (DANGER!!!).

These difficulties, and opposing ideas on how to deal with existing tags,
make it hard to change established tagging schemes. But I am strongly in
favour of not establishing new amenity=* for hitherto unmapped facilites,
but rather use new tags altogether, whose use can then be expanded into
proper tagging schemes.

Best, Jan
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