[Tagging] Incorrectly tagging locks on rivers as canals

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemed.net
Thu Apr 25 10:25:45 UTC 2019

DaveF wrote:
> The water flowing through it is still river water.

The water flowing down lots of canals is ultimately river water :) - the
Llangollen Canal is fed by the River Dee, the Mon & Brec by the Usk, and so

Generally, where a lock has been built, this is in an artificial cut
slightly away from the main flow of the river. This is usually referred to
as the "lock cut". In some places this is not that much longer than the lock
itself (often the case on the Thames), whereas in others it can be
significantly longer (the Aire & Calder/Calder & Hebble). Meanwhile, the
main course continues over the weir.

As "cut" is usually a synonym for "canal" and they're artificially
constructed, it's fairly justifiable to describe a lock cut as
waterway=canal, I think. I guess you could put the whole lot in a river
navigation relation if that... floats your boat?


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