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Michael Brandtner brandtner_michael at yahoo.de
Fri Apr 26 09:52:45 UTC 2019

I’m against the tag baby_changing_table. As I have already written, changing_table is unambiguous and the most common word for this thing. No need for such a long key.

Am Donnerstag, April 25, 2019, 10:52 PM schrieb Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:

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> On 22. Apr 2019, at 01:49, marc marc <marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I know the tag description, thanks :)
> the question is "can we expect to have changing tables on a regular 
> basis that are different from what we can expect with other tags,
> which would justify encouraging people to put a description ?

I don’t mind encouraging or not a description, as long as it is in the wiki alone it won’t change anything, you can add description tags to anything where you feel it is appropriate and generally we should use it mainly for exceptions where structured tagging doesn’t seem appropriate.
As I understand it this wouldn’t often be a description of the table object but more likely a description of the context or circumstances, e.g. if you’d have to ask the staff, or get the table in one place and use it in the next room, etc.

What about changing tables as a feature property? For example in Germany there are chain shops (drugstores) which offer changing tables as a free service to their clients (including napkins). You might not want to position it in the shop (the shop might be mapped as a node) but just give the information that they offer the service. changing_table=* would seem to be the right tag for this property, what about the table as a feature/osm object?
The proposal lacks a definition at the moment, a sentence what the tag should mean.

I would prefer “baby_changing_table” as it makes it clearer what it is about (think about it, you also gave the proposal this title, and not just changing table).

Ciao, Martin 
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