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> I cannot imagine houses that are several kilometers away being part of a
> hamlet, in a settlement sense. Can you give an example please, maybe this
> can occur in very low density areas?

Remote farms have to be somewhere.  At least as far as the postal service
goes.   Well, that's
true of the UK, maybe not in other countries.  We don't have addresses like
"Womble Cottage,
Middle of Nowhere, UK," even if the cottage is, in fact, in the middle of

In a few minutes I'm going to map a farm that's approximately 1 km from the
outskirts of a village
(I just took a break from mapping to check mail).  From all I can tell, the
postal address for
Trefwtial is Blaenannerch, despite being approx 1 km from it, and the
hamlet of Tremain being
maybe half that distance.

In the UK, historic (and perhaps no longer existent) parish boundaries play
a part in determining
which hamlet/village/town an isolated farm is regarded as being part of.
At least as far as its
postal address goes.

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