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> > Beware also the quest for the universal solution. Postal addressing,
> administrative segmentation and people's affinities are separate
> dimensions. Any attempt to force them into a single model is doomed to
> failure, so why try?
> exactly, we do have entities for all of these: addr tags for postal
> addressing, administrative boundaries for administrative structures and
> place for sociocultural places, and I’ve always been a defendant of this
> distinction, but it cannot be denied that a lot of mappers add place tags
> for settlements to administrative entities, thereby extending the
> settlement on the whole administrative territory.

Another personal example of "towns" being very spread out.

When I was a kid, my Auntie & Uncle ran a sheep station ("ranch") in
Western Queensland. They were ~40 km out of town (Blackall), but their
postal address was Avondale, Blackall & their phone number was Blackall
104K (does anybody overseas even know about manual party lines? - & for
that matter, does anybody else in Australia remember them? :-))

This is where Avondale is in regard to Blackall (towards top left if it
doesn't highlight)
& they were not the furtherest place out of Blackall by any means!


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