[Tagging] Road hierarchy

Tomas Straupis tomasstraupis at gmail.com
Sun Aug 4 07:41:09 UTC 2019

> Personally, I'd have put residential / living together above unclassified

  Interesting. Unclassified was always (more than 10 years) defined
for "through traffic" which puts it a higher in a hierarchy. From what
I understand it was always in the group of primary/secondary/tertiary
just the one which does not have an official classification - thus

> Once again, personally service before track, maybe further split that highway=service by itself is higher that the "types" of service road (driveway, parking aisle etc)

  This way of interpreting service would make it impossible to
identify if missing service=* tag means:
  1. missing tag/information
  2. specified higher priority service road
  For example if you have service=driveway and want to make it higher
priority service road, you should change service value to something
else rather than remove service=* key.

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