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On Sun, Aug 04, 2019 at 11:46:26AM +0300, Tomas Straupis wrote:
> 2019-08-04, sk, 11:32 Florian Lohoff raΕ‘Δ—:
> > For me unclassified is the same as residential. <...>
>   Ok, so unclassified vs residential is regionally defined, as I wrote.
>   But what about service/track?

Same dispute. I am one of the track opponents for years. I live in
the outback myself and i try to stop people tagging every road beyond
city limits as track.

A track is predominently for agricultural use. As soon as there
are people living there are predominently other uses than agricultural.

So the driveway to a farmyard can not be a track. 

I once made the claim its not a track if:

- The postal service uses it or
- The garbage truck uses it or
- The school bus uses it

And all of that is true if people are living there. The problem is
that tracks are not even considered in most routing/navigational
software so a lot of my neighbours would not be reachable if tagging
outback roads as track would hold up. 

So track is when there are no buildings or only a field barn.

Service is for me another complicated beast. For me a public road
can not be a service. unclassified is defined as the lowest
class of public roads. Service is defined as roads on industrial areas

So for Germany it cant be a service if:

- its of public use or
- it has a name (Only public roads get demoniated a name)

So i only tag roads on parking, driveway or industrial complexes
etc as service. I consider service roads beeing treated as
"access" destination and not for public use.

This is the reason why i dont think tagging every driveway as
access=private is a good thing to do. That causes all navigational
software to exclude these road snippets completely from their index. Now
you have private driveways up to multiple kilometers. When you now
navigate to an address you get told "You have reached your destination"
while beeing on the main road some multiple kilometers away not even
in visible contact to the building or the driveway. You might
even be on the wrong main road as mapping of addresses to the point
on the road network to navigate to is a minimum distance decision.

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