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Mon Aug 5 07:22:45 UTC 2019


Jmapb wrote
> I don't know if there's a distinct style of traditional bullring
> architecture, but if there is, then building=bullring makes sense for
> those.

Not much difference. For example, in Spain, tennis matches are played in
bullrings. They are suitable for other types of sports. Live concerts are
also performed in bullrings.

Jmapb wrote
> And in fact such buildings might still be tagged building=bullring even if
> bullfighting no longer happens there.

That's right. One thing is the arena where bullfighting is performed.
("leisure=stadium" + "sport=bullfighting") and another the building
("building=stadium"). It has been hard for me to explain to the Spanish
community that the stadium is still a stadium even though bullfights are no
longer performed there. It seems that they have finally understood it.

I prefer "building=stadium" because a "bullring" is a type of stadium where
you can do other things besides performing bullfights. It does not differ so
significantly from other types of stadiums as to specify that it is a
different building. It is a type of stadium. However, if someone prefers to
use "building=bullring" I think it is possible. I prefer "building=stadium"
according to the common tag used for this type of building.

Thank you for commenting.

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