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> > Which of those do carry names typically? I cant see any?
> alleys

Typically?  In some parts of the world, maybe.  In others, not so much.  Of
the three I
can think of in my town, none have names.

Side-note.  Those three alleys give access to the rear gardens of the
houses either
side of the alleys.  Most have a garage at the rear accessed via the alley
(with no room
at the front of the building for a garage).  Given the age of most of the
buildings they serve,
the late 1800s, none of those alleys would have been intended to provide
access to
garages.  I surmise that the original purpose of the alleys was for what
was known as
the "night soil man" who emptied the outside toilets that were the pinnacle
sanitation at the time.  If you were well-off you could afford a house with
a back alley
so that the night soil man didn't have to carry a bucket of unpleasantness
through your
house.  Given the sensibilities of the time, those alleys would barely be
acknowledged, let alone named.

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