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On Tuesday, 6 August 2019, Warin wrote:
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> >> Um, I don't think anyone in Spain would try to adapt a generic stadium as a
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> > what I meant was that there will probably be a dedicated area for the bulls and their preparation (behind the curtain) and entry into the arena, so the stadiums will likely be specialized stadiums for bullfighting, probably a specific building type (or stadium subtype, according to your point of view) to satisfy the specific requirements.
> Most stadiums have specialised features for the sports and other events held there. If necessary stadium=bullfighting;soccer;rugby;cricket could be used.
> The spectator areas would be very similar so the easily observed features would match from one stadium to another.
There is a huge difference between could be and it would be sensible to do so.

Many stadiums are used for other events such as concerts. 

Whilst it not hard to switch a stadium between soccer and rugby, it happens often, stadiums are sized for the sport.  A soccer or rugby stadium is too small for cricket and if you held a soccer or rugby match in a cricket stadium the fans would be so far away it would destroy the atmosphere.

The old Wembley Stadium had a running track around the pitch, the new one was built without that space so as not to destroy the atmosphere.

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