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Thu Aug 8 10:12:09 UTC 2019

On Thu, 8 Aug 2019 at 03:18, Michael Tsang <miklcct at gmail.com> wrote:

If the "primary purpose" of the road is through traffic, and the "driving
> experience" is like on a major road (e.g. straight, fast, no obstruction,
> no
> give way, etc.), that part of the road is still red / pink.
> However, if that road is built like the other residential cul-de-sac with
> a
> lot of slowing and calming features like give ways, curves, or very narrow
> such that it become a choke point causing serious traffic congestion every
> day,
> I will think it as residential.

I think we're pretty much in agreement on this.  Of course, I live in the
UK so through
routes are officially designated and guesswork doesn't need to be applied.
So for me,
it's simple: if it is an officially-designated through route then that's
how it gets tagged,
whether there are houses along it or not.  For others it may be harder if
there are no
official designations for through routes, then they have to use their
judgement to see
if it quacks like a through route.  In either case, if it's not a through
route and has
houses along it then it's residential (or, in some cases where the houses
are far
apart, a service road or even a track).

There might be a case for some form of tagging that says "this is
tertiary/quaternary route with houses along it" but I think an area tagged
with place=*
makes that clear for human data consumers.  I suppose there are edge cases
a router could be faced with two alternative routes at the same level and
with the
same speed limits and the same distance between two given points but they
have no
way of knowing that one has houses along it but the other does not, but
it's unlikely.
Same distance is unlikely.  Same distance with same speed limits is even
unlikely, especially if one has houses and the other does not.

What I don't see as sensible is tagging through routes as residential
because there are
some houses.

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