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On Mon, 12 Aug 2019 at 17:15, Ulrich Lamm <ulamm.brem at t-online.de> wrote:

> 1. The critics, I have answered on this way were not that I had used
> forbidden sources, but that my entries were not reliable.

I read them as saying they were not VERIFIABLE because you had used
forbidden sources.

2. Woodpeck has banned me just in the moment, when all geographic data of
> the state of Brandenburg got ODB status.

I've seen you make similar claims before but it turned out they were not
ODB compatible.

3. It is a difference either to take copies from databases (which is
> allowed only if these are ODB) or to know their contents.

Some purists would say you can't even use forbidden sources to figure out
what you should
go and survey or look at more closely in aerial imagery.  But you go
further than that anyway.

Publishing without regard of the state of the art is a crime against the
> real users.

That sentiment is why you are a danger to OSM.  You're using the ends to
justify the means.

Most of the essential informations I have recieved by phone from the
> maintaining corporations (Wasser- und Boden-Verbände).

Did you tell them why you wanted the information and what you were going to
do with it?  Did
you receive written/printed/electronic communication confirming you were OK
to use it in that
way and that you can show us?

Also pdf maps  are nothing yo can call a forbidden database. Look at the
> map I have linked at the onset of today's thread. Using the information of
> this map for a free hand drawing is no forbidden copy.

And that is the other reason you are a danger to OSM.  ANY original work is
copyright in countries that are signatory to the Berne Convention (Germany
is certainly one).
Hand-drawn maps are copyright, however crude they are.

The relief can be read in ordinary maps

Also copyright in ordinary maps.  Very much so.  OSM does have topographic
data available,
and you can use that.  Out-of-copyright maps may have topographic data, and
you can
use those.

and seen by visits of the localities. Irregular colours of the meadows and
> fields
 can be seen from various orthophotos, and it is useful to read more than
> one of them,

The aerial imagery made available by OSM editors is legal to use.  Things
like Google aerial
imagery are not.

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