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Would it not be easier and more clear if we just keep one, and add a link
> to it in the others?

A principle used in programming is "DRY."  Don't repeat yourself.
Maintaining the same
code in two or more places will cause problems down the line when one
version gets
changed and the other does not.

Documentation is a little different, because you often wish the same
information to appear
in several places.  This is the case where the documentation is extensive
but people
assume that everything they need to know about a topic will appear in one
place.   OTOH,
the desirability of not repeating yourself increases a lot when you have
many translations
of the material.

One way of handling this is a link.  Another way of doing it offered by the
wiki is transclusion.
See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Transclusion and
(the first of those two links transcludes the second of those links, just
so you can see how
it looks).

There are arguments against each way.  If you link to a full page then the
poor user
encountering the link has to wade through that full page to find the
table.  If you transclude
then those wishing to edit the page, or even the transcluded material, may
find it
difficult to figure out how to do it.  You could, of course, put the table
in its own page and
link to that, which avoids the editing problem and the information overload
problem, but
still means more clicks and page loads are required than reading a page
with a

Up to you which one you go with.  Note that at some point in the future,
somebody may
decide that whichever way you chose to do it was wrong and edit it to do it
differently. :)

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