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> In your sample, would someone driving from Aberystwyth Uni, go along the
> A487, then the A44 & the A4120 to get to Blandolau Rec Grounds, or would
> they use Penglais Rd, Quebec Rd, Ffordd Sulien then Heol-y-Bont?
They'd probably take Cefn Llan to avoid the city centre.  Especially during
rush hour.  :)

> In other words, do you navigate & drive by numbers or names?

As for names vs numbers, it depends if you're local or an outsider, or
somewhere in
between.  If you're a local and have lived there for decades, you just know
the way and don't
think of names or numbers.  If you're a local, but not a long-term one,
maybe the names,
because when you see adverts for shops they give the road name in the
address, not
the road reference number.   If you're an outsider you go by the numbers
because you know
there will be prominent signs wherever two A roads meet.  Signs with road
names on them can
be at any height from kneecap level to a couple of metres up, not as large,
and aren't always
placed where you need them to figure out which turn to take at a junction.

Sign on A487/Penglais Road for upcoming junction with A44:

Signs at junction of A487 and A44: https://goo.gl/maps/Y8qLrGFh9rd4BuoJ6

Looking at signs at end of A44 where it connects to A487:
There you can see a sign for Penglais Road.  Smaller than the signs at the
junction for
A487 and A44.  A lot smaller than the sign warning you of the upcoming

For comparison, here's a road name in Cardigan.
Don't worry, not all roads in Cardigan have signs that are so high up and
partway down the
road.  Some of the roads don't have any sign at all.

If you weren't a local, you'd be looking for the signs for A487, A44, etc.
because they're bigger,
more prominent, have regulations governing placement, and are standardized
sizes and colours.
Signs for road names are smaller, and the colours are fairly arbitrary
depending on the tastes
of the town council.

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