[Tagging] Bicycle kitchens, community centres that offer bicycle repairs etc

dcapillae dcapillae at gmail.com
Wed Aug 14 22:43:03 UTC 2019

Hi, Morten.

Where I live (Málaga, Spain), there is (or was) a bicycle workshop with
similar characteristics. Its creator defined it as a socio-cultural bicycle
workshop. You could take your bike there for repair. I had tools and
everything you might need. In addition, more experienced people could help
you repair your bike. 

There was no need to pay anything, it was a community center. It was not a
shop, it was not a workshop, it was not a business. It was a community
workshop or socio-cultural bicycle workshop, if you prefer. In any case a
community centre.

I find it acceptable to use repair shop or bicycle shops sub-tags to specify
the services offered if there is nothing better, indicating that the
services are free ("fee=no") and that the centre is not a shop or workshop,
but a community centre ("community=centre").

Greetings from Spain.


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