[Tagging] Document personal tags in Proposed_features/ space, User: space, or Tag:/Key: space?

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Thu Aug 15 03:51:04 UTC 2019

On 15/08/19 13:33, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
>> "accepted and historic method of documenting new tags."
>> "No matter how little used this is the accepted method"
> Is there evidence or documentation that the accepted and historic
> method of documenting new, unused or little-used tags is to create a
> Tag:key=value page, without discussion first?
> I'm new here, but it looks like back in 2007 to 2008 tags were
> discussed and then voted upon and added to Map Features quite
> frequently; there were many newly approved tags, before "Any tags you
> like" was written - perhaps the later page was a reaction against the
> developing proposal process?

OSM existed before the 'proposal process' came along.

The accepted method before the proposal process was to document new tags by directly entering them in the wiki.

When the 'proposal process' started there was no change to the practice of document new tags by directly entering them in the wiki.

There has been no suggestion that this method is depreciated, abandoned etc.

>> "The ideal of forcing a proposal ... does not fly with me due to the probability of being cast as 'abandoned'."
> Using the proposal namespace should not force the original page author
> to do anything else in the Proposal process. Most proposed tags are
> never discussed on this list, and never move past "draft" status.

The status can be changed by anyone, not only the page author, I think quite a few proposal status changes to 'abandoned' are by others.
The author has probably lost all faith in the tagging group and moved on.

> But at some point the tag is clearly abandoned, and it's useful to
> mark it as such: the first user stops adding new features, and no more
> are added for several years. That's part of the benefit of keeping new
> tags in Proposal spaces: it makes it clear that they are not yet "in
> use" or "de facto" tags, and may well no longer be actively used by
> current mappers. (I don't think such abandoned tag proposal pages
> should be deleted, as long as the tag is still in the database, but
> the status change is helpful.)
> The alternative of putting a new tag page in user namespace could also
> be helpful for tags used by one person, if the user doesn't want to
> discuss things or have the page changed by others. Wiki editors will
> not feel the need to change the page by adding mentions of other tags,
> problems with the tag, alternatives, etc, if it's in a personal User
> space.

So it is a 'private' tag .. harder to find, not to be advertised...

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