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Thu Aug 15 07:25:21 UTC 2019

On 15/08/19 16:40, Joseph Eisenberg wrote:
> Re: > “It would usually be "the area above the Low Tide mark”
> Agreed. Many people map this way, which means that the part of the 
> beach between the low tide and hight tide lines is outside of the 
> coastline. The Openstreetmap-carto style was recently changed to 
> handle this.

Some places claim a beach is there .. but it is completely covered by 
high tide.
So to fit their usage I would think a beach is from low tide to at least 
high tide ...
After all if you are there at low tide I think you'd call the area above 
the present water line (even though it is low tide) a beach.

A beach may extend above the hight tide mark if the surface material 
also continues unbroken.
I think we can agree that sand from the low tide to the hight tide mark 
and then to, say, a board walk is all one beach?

But what about other surfaces?
Pebbles? Pebbles up to what size (at some size they become rocks)?
And so on for other surfaces.

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