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On Thu, 15 Aug 2019 at 16:20, Peter Elderson <pelderson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Still most problems arise because ID edits damage routes.

iD used to damage routes in the past.  After an update a couple of months
ago it seems
to now maintain the sorting of routes, even if you insert or delete

> The mappers aren't even aware of the problems, and even if they were, I
> can't see how they could repair broken and unordered routes of several
> hundreds up to several thousands of members with ID.

The way it used to be, I don't think they could repair unordered routes
with only two members,
using iD.  That changed.  There's still no automatic sort (that I've found)
but you can manually
re-order route members.  And in some ways it makes tracing routes easier
than jOSM when
you have routes where ways are traversed more than once in the same

For those wondering, with long routes with segments of different lengths,
the "zoom to" feature
of jOSM and (new) iD is useful.  But with ways that appear more than once,
if you zoomed to
a second (or third, or fourth) occurrence of a way in a route then jOSM
reset your place in the
list of ways to th first occurrence in the list, not the occurrence you
were looking at.  Not helpful
when you're checking the connectivity of the whole route, especially if you
didn't notice it
happened.  iD doesn't silently change where you are in the list when you
zoom to the
100th way in the list just because that way is also in the list at the 37th

I think ID does a fine job, all in all, but preserve, repair and maintain
> route relations cannot be done with ID.

I haven't played with it enough to be sure, but it seems no longer to
damage routes if you
add or remove members, and you can re-order the members. I find the new
makes it easier to inspect routes than with jOSM.  But maybe I haven't used
a complex enough route
as a test case, and in some cases it still damages routes.  But it's
definitely not as bad as it was.

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