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Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Sat Aug 17 13:25:22 UTC 2019

Your viewpoint is different from mine. You want to do the routing. I want
to avoid that, because the routing has already been done. The OSM-relation
IS a route. It is entered as an exact chain of ways to folllow.

OsmAnd and Garmin should take the route itself, not waypoints to route to.
It is odd that OsmAnd cannot navigate me along an ÒSM route that's shown on
the map and is readily available from OSM. Instead, I have to translate it
into a series of waypoints (gpx), then feed that to the app, and then it
recalculates the route (chain of ways) it already had.

Vr gr Peter Elderson

Op za 17 aug. 2019 om 15:08 schreef Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com>:

> > apps like OsmAnd, Garmin devices, and planner applications
> I can answer the Garmin bit of that, as it's something that I do all the
> time.
> Firstly, the ability to "follow a GPX" isn't something that most Garmin
> devices support.  None of the eTrex or GPSMap (walking) or Nuvi (car)
> models that I've had support it.  I believe that some models designed for
> cycling do, but let's be honest - you're not going to be cycling along most
> of the Wolds Way or Cleveland way.  It not just not allowed in places it'd
> be close to physically impossible.
> What Garmins do offer is navigation by a series of waypoints, and they'll
> navigate between those either "as the crow flies" or allow a route that is
> appropriate for your current travel method.  Although the UI for walking-
> and car-focused devices are different, the principle is the same.  You'd
> typically add waypoints along the route manually - either on the device or
> in something like Garmin's PC software before loading to the device.
> "waypoints" and "routes" can fit into the same XML file as any GPX tracks
> you move to and from a Garmin device.
> When creating maps from OSM data you can also include route membership
> information on the on-screen map - I usually put the route names in
> brackets after any way name.  I create different Garmin maps for walking
> and driving to remove some paths you don't want to drive on or roads you
> don't want to walk on (or aren't allowed to, based on access tags).
> As an aside I do tend to create Garmin routes composed of waypoints for
> guideposts / route markers where I've got that info - it helps to find
> missing ones, and having guideposts and route markers in OSM helps other
> people see which bits of route are well signposted and which not.  You may
> notice that the Wolds Way has a few of these mapped as relation members
> ("role=marker"); other nearby routes are more complete.
> To summarise then, I've never found a need to sort the ways in a walking
> route before being able to navigate it using a Garmin handheld.
> Best Regards,
> Andy
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