[Tagging] Roles of route members (was: Merging tagging scheme on wiki pages of Hiking, ...)

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 03:46:22 UTC 2019

On 18/08/19 00:07, Peter Elderson wrote:
> In this case, I do NOT want to go from A to B. I want to do the hike, 
> that is the route, exactly as it is specified OSM. Those ways, in the 
> exact order. I want my smartphone or garmin to guide me exactly along 
> those ways, which were carefully picked when the route was entered 
> into OSM.
> If that can't be done directly, I want to get an export that I can 
> feed to my device or app, so it can recreate the route exactly, 
> without adding, weighing, guessing or rerouting anything.
> When I'm planning a hike, I want the software to start with the exact 
> OSM route, not a rerouted version.

It may be possible...
Each node alone the OSM route would be a waypoint for your Garmin device 
as a route. There will be lots of waypoints!
You would need a OSM map on the Garmin device.

That may work... I am not certain if voice prompts would work, but the 
gpx file will be large, there may be too many waypoints for you device 
to handle.
The device will still be routing .. but between the nodes of the way 
there will be no difference between the OSM map and the route.

Because of the large number of waypoints I'd think most people will not 
do this. If you chose to do it Peter, good luck.

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