[Tagging] Garmin waypoints and routes (was: "Roles of route members" and before that "Merging tagging scheme on wiki pages of Hiking")

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Andy Townsend <ajt1047 at gmail.com>:
>> On 19/08/2019 19:04, Peter Elderson wrote:
>> Ok, I accept I just don't know how it's done. So how is that done? How do I tell my Garmin to guide me along, say, the Limes trail through the Netherlands? 
> Essentially, you'd just look at the screen and follow that!  I tend to use waypoints for an idea of things like "how long will it be until I get to where I'm going to stop for lunch", not for "turn left here because route XYZ turns left here", because you can see on the screen that route XYZ "turns left here".

So it’s not done. The osm route is not used to route. You can see it and keep yor dot on the line, but the navigating device does not navigate along the route. It can navigate, it has the route, but it does not do it unless I create gpx from the route, send that to the device, which then recreates the route from the gpx.
> If you want to add a series of waypoints and route along those then you can, but want you can't typically do with one of the hiking-oriented Garmins is follow a particular feature.  You could create an OSM-based Garmin map that forced a device to route along a trail at the expense of any other paths, but I certainly wouldn't want to do that as it would stop me from leaving the trail to eat in a nearby town.

Nothing stops you from leaving the route, and I expect the device to route me back to the track afterwards. And it does, and so does OsmAnd.
> Creating a Garmin route from a GPX file is possible, but probably impractical, as you'd need to restrict the number of points.  Apparently my GPSMap 64 supports 200 routes with 250 points per route, and up to 5000 waypoints in total.
If only there were a way to store permanent routes in, say, a mapping database, which could be used to determine what ways to follow...

You only need to load the section(s) for the next day or a few days. Afterwards, just remove them. No problem. I have had no problems to load the via degli dei as 7 sections, each a day’s walk. No restrictions necessary.

I also loaded these in OsmAnd and had it guide me all the way voice-in-ear, ie not having to look at the screen at all. 

> Where Garmin on-device routing is really useful is for when you need to get to somewhere but don't have an on-screen route to follow - for example if the weather's turned and you need to abort a previously planned route and get another route to your destination from where you currently are.  It's also useful where there are natural obstacles like rivers, where the distance on foot may be significantly more than the as-the-crow-flies distance.
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