[Tagging] bear box in campground ?

Joseph Eisenberg joseph.eisenberg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 21 23:17:48 UTC 2019

I agree with Martin. It's not good practice to use semicolons in the
value of the main feature tag, like amenity=bbq;bear_box, because this
is hard for database users to interpret with a simple algorithm.

At the proposal
there are a list of property tags which are already approved or "de
facto" in common use on camp_site (and camp_pitch) features, like

drinking_water=yes/no availability of drinking water at the feature
internet_access=yes/no/wlan - availability of internet access, use
wlan for WiFi.
recycling=yes/no Availability of containers for recycling.
sanitary_dump_station=yes/no/customers - availability of a santitary
dump station for emptying caravan toilet holding tanks
toilets=yes/no Availability of toilets at the site

Note that there are also feature tags for almost all of these, like:

So it's very common to use  separate tag for a feature and for a
property of a feature. This helps with keeping to "One Feature, One
OSM Element".

Hence: amenity=bear_box on it's own node, right at the location of the
box. Or if you don't have that info or just want to say that "there is
a bear box at this campground", you can add bear_box=yes/no to the

- Joseph

On 8/22/19, Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> wrote:
> sent from a phone
>> On 22. Aug 2019, at 00:01, Rob Savoye <rob at senecass.com> wrote:
>>  Yeah, I'd add this to a 'tourism=camp_pitch' node. Where I was
>> yesterday works out to something like 'amenity=bbq;bear_box;parking'
>> plus 'leisure=firepit'.
> a more common mapping method would be individual objects for each feature (a
> node for each feature, inside a tourism=camp_site polygon) or properties
> (bbq=yes bear_box=yes etc.) on a “main” feature (camp site object). We
> usually don’t do amenity =foo;bar
> Cheers Martin

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