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> Traditionally OSMwikis had a section 'See also' where other tags were placed.
> Placing more and more information at the top of the page confuses people.
> The page should first describe the tag and how to use it. This is good educational practice.
But bad documentation practise.  I would be very unhappy investing my time
reading what a tag
does only to then get to a section saying "don't use that, use this."  That
wastes my time and
loads my (these days, rather limited) brain with conflicting ideas.

Only once that is done should alternatives and complementary tags be suggested.
Complementary tags can, and should, come later.  These are optional things
that can be
used to refine the details of the object.  Alternative methods of tagging
that are equally
valid, and equally popular (both for approximate values of "equal") can
also come later.
A "This tag is a BAD idea, use that instead" warning SHOULD come first:
don't bother
reading the rest of this page unless you're trying to figure out what some
other mapper
meant by it because it doesn't render, goes against conventions and we have
a far
better (even if "better" means "more popular") alternative.

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