[Tagging] Walking & Cycling Node Network tagging: undoing the hijacking of rcn and rwn

Peter Elderson pelderson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 14:52:47 UTC 2019

With the arrival of cycling node networks, the Dutch, German and Belgian
mappers decided to claim (hijack)  the network value rcn for those node
networks. This exception was copied with the claim of network=rwn for the
walking node networks.

We are currently discussing in the three communities how to coreect this
exception and return rcn and rwn to their intended use. To do that, we need
another way to identify (members of) a route network as (members of) a node

The network values identify transport mode and scope of routes, and these
"dimensions" also apply to node networks. We do not want to add another
dimension (configuration type) to the network=*  values of routes.

Instead, we are thnking about just adding a tag to identify segment routes
as parts of a node network. The nodes themselves do not need this, since
they ARE nodes and have a xxn_ref tag.

In short, we are thinking to simply add the tag network_type=node_network
(or network:type=node_network) to the node2node network routes. Nothing
else has to change, which also means that renderers and data users who
don't change anything, will not notice anything! But if they want they can
make use of the separation and handle node networks different than non-node

Notice that no new key or value is proposed here. If new network config
types arise, a new value for network_type can accommodate that.The method
is applicable for all transport modes and geographical scopes.

Thoughts, anyone? What did we forget? Shoot!

Fr gr Peter Elderson
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