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> Hello ML!
> in Italy there are several small processing companies catalogued as
> artisans, mostly in categories like food processing (meat, biscuits,
> milk, etc), which don't run a shop (or shop is a minor business).
> Reading the wikis, I understand that, depending on business volumes, I
> should go for craft.


> For instance, I have a dataset with several companies processing of
> pork meat, which final product is "prosciutto crudo" ("raw" maturated
> ham) and/or salami.
> AFAIK in case of an industrial scale business tagging could be
>    man_made=works
>    product=meat

not sure about "product", in Italian these would not be called "meat" but
"salumi" (maybe "cold cuts"), and the people producing cold cuts would not
be the same (usually) as the butchers that prepare meat (e.g. in Italy or
AFAIK in France, while in Germany both is done by butchers, not sure about
Britain). Maybe product=cold_cuts would suit better, as this is not about
"raw meat" (which would need cooking) but about a meat product ready to eat.

> but if craft should be considered, can be
>    craft=meat
>    an accepted kv combination?

for the "craft" value I would go by the profession, not the product. It
could still make sense to have a subtag for the kind of product, e.g.
product=salami;raw_ham or bresaola, mortadella, roast beef, etc.
(especially if they only produce very few different types and this is not
changing significantly over time).
Maybe the native speakers can provide a suitable term for the profession
(I've found the French term charcutier used in English, which may be an
indice that they do not distinguish either).

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