[Tagging] Feature Proposal - RFC - hiking_trail_relation_roles

Michael Behrens mfbehrens99 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 10:15:31 UTC 2019


There is no unique way to tag roles in hiking route relations although they
carry a high potential for the rendering of hiking trails. This proposal
was requsted by Sarah Hoffmann on the FOSSGIS conference. A only officially
marked trails should be added to the relations!

Role nameExplaination
*None* or main The main "normal" roletype for the main section of the
hiking trails.
forward Section of the hiking trail that can only be hiked into the
direction of the way.
backward Section of the hiking trail that can only be hiked against the
direction of the way.
alternative or alternate Tags the members of an alternative path to *main*
excursion Can be used on parts of the trail that leads to a viewpoint, peak
or other. The path has to be hiked back again or else it will be a
approach A path that is leading from a town, train station / bus station or
parking to main hiking trail or the other way around.
shortcut A trail that shortens the main trail.

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