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>it really depends. I guess we agree that the meaning of tags in OSM is based on their common usage, so motorcar=yes means an automobile (i.e. not including for example busses or trucks), while motorcar=no means any multi-tracked motorized vehicle is excluded (implies hgv=no, tourist_bus=no, etc.).
>This is based on the legal meaning of the common traffic signs that get translated into this tag (and may be different in some jurisdictions, I am only referring to places I know, i.e. western / central Europe).
I disagree.
I used this as example, that a key must have distinct meaning, that is in OSM a common practice. The method is more decisive, more important. 
If you see the beginning of the key motorcar https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:motorcar in the wiki, it was only automobiles, because of motorcar abuse, they wrote the controversy in it. A problem to be solved. We all know how a wiki developed, evaluates, a few can change the content. They did not want to solve the problem then. There are quite a few mappers, who are annoyed by this.
Now you have a sidecar, it is a motorcycle but also multitracked vehicle. This get very complicated to write a routing and parking script for sidecars.
This is a disadvantage for the sidecar group.
I believe each category must have equivalent method of treatment. In particular, it should not work to a disadvantage.
“The meaning of tags”, is a key/value combination, both key and value must be distinctive, so the combination can not mean something else, waht both say. Contradiction must be avoided. That is common method usage.
If I ask a lot of people about the method, than the outcome is your right. So the motorcar usage is not common practice, it is a problem.
It is a bit off topic, it is a example, how things can go wrong.
That is my message in this topic.
The development of new key / value tags, must meet certain method conditions.
In the Netherlands, the Government have a group “Bijzondere bromfietsen”  special moped
See the links in the list
Some of them are electric.
How must they fit in the access hierarchy?
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