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Thu Dec 12 15:38:26 UTC 2019

As I wrote earlier:
>>So I must make a icon for speedpedelec, for use my style.
>>This is needed because, government write speedpedelec with text on traffic_sign (undersigns). Even estate owners could make signs with ..............
At the bottom of the diagram speed_pedelec is needed, because govenment use then a text (or which icon) on traffic_sign.
A direct translation is needed.

Key is needed.

In the Netherlands a speed_pedelec is a moped, by rule, follow the rules of moped, BUT, then the govenment can use the text speed_pedelec to express a other behavour,  “uitgezonderd” except.
The base tag speed_pedelec must be there.

*: electric=* This have nothing to do with base tag of a vehicle. There could be speed_pedelec:electric=yes. Maybe in the future a other kind of power is used.

So I did not say moped:electric= is a speed_pedelec, moped:electric can be a much bigger group. Earlier I posted a link with “special mopeds” https://www.rdw.nl/over-rdw/actueel/dossiers/bijzondere-bromfietsen
In the Netherlands the speed_pedelec must know that they have to follow the moped rules, so also moped:electric=yes. He can use that road.

So is a segway, is also a moped. Because in text or icon, prohibited.
Key segway or a other key?  Does a icon that looks like a segway mean a bigger group ( the motorcar problem, this mus be avoided )

Then there are hoverboards (self-ballancing scooter)

All small electric vehicles. How to put them in a access diagram?

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